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CalculatorSometimes figuring out the best offer for your credit situation requires some in-depth calculation. We at make this process easier by providing a full suite of financial calculators to our website's visitors. See below for ways to calculate costs and benefits of credit card offers, mortgage offers, loan offers, and other personal finance decisions. If you have a suggestion for a calculator not shown below, please send it to us and we will work to add it to this page.

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Learn About Bad Credit

Learnicon Want to learn more about bad credit and the steps you can take to improve your financial future? See this section for articles from featuring tips, advice, and other information for people with bad credit.
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Get Answers to Your Questions

Question Millions of people have bad credit, but what exactly is bad credit? And what can be done about a bad credit history?  Visit our FAQs section to gain a better understanding of bad credit and its impact on your finances.  
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Calculate Your Finances

CalculatorUse online calculators to analyze your finances, and measure the impact of payments on credit cards, loans, and mortgages. Take the guesswork out of your financial decisions using our calculator section.  
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Learn the Terminology

Glossary11 What does "APR" mean? What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy? The credit industry uses terms that we do not hear in everyday conversation, but that are important to understand nonetheless.
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